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    Gavin Campbell • Class of 2017 • Long Snappers
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    Gavin Campbell
    Name: Gavin Campbell
    Player Ranking:
    Class Rank: 61
    Grad Year: 2017
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    Offers & Commitment:(NEW) OCCIDENTAL
    Pro Team:
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 195
    SAT/ACT: 30
    GPA: 4.0
    Student Since: 2016
    Last Evaluation: 1/17
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    Player Review
    Campbell showed me some good things at VEGAS XXIX on January 14-15, 2017. He is, easily, one of the most athletic Long Snappers in his class. The kid runs like the wind and has great hips. It was a joy to watch him destroy the athletic section of the Sunday in Vegas. Getting his legs fully involved will gain more speed on the ball and allow him to use all of his power throughout his body. Right on the cusp of greatness and always improving. Love his attitude. Campbell was very impressive at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in CA on October 30, 2016. He looks like he gained about ten lbs since the summer time. Not sure if he did, but he definitely looks thicker. He was snapping with some very good speed throughout the day in CA and was easily hovering in the low .7s on average. Locking down his release point will help his consistency a ton. At VEGAS, I will be focused on him being able to stop a D1 athlete and also being VERY accurate and consistent with his snaps. Campbell had several snaps that were simply outstanding. Major jump in the rankings and well deserved.
    VEGAS XXIX Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .84
    VEGAS XXIX 40 Time: 5.15
    VEGAS XXIX RSI (Rubio Standard Index) from the Rubio Target: 23.17

    Average 15 yard Snap Speed at VEGAS XXVIII: .85
    Score on The Rubio Target: 16/48
    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) from The Rubio Target: 19.75
    40 Time: 5.19

    Average 15 yard Snap Speed at VEGAS XXVII: .75
    Score on The Rubio Target: 4/48
    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) from The Rubio Target: 4
    40 Time: 5.28
    Additional Links

    2015 Honorable Mention Angelus League Linebacker

    2015 All Angelus League Scholastic Team

    Starting St. Francis High School Varsity Outside Linebacker and Long Snapper

    Starting Center at Pasadena Rugby Club

    St. Francis High School Scholar Athlete

    St. Francis High School Alumni Association Merit Scholarship Recipient

    3.7 Cumulative GPA (on 4.0 scale)

    ACT score: 30

    New SAT score: 1350

    Two year Freshman Counselor

    Three year Student Television Station Writer

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