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    • The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. You do NOT need to be invited to the camps listed below.

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      FALL 2018

      Sunday, October 7th - Charlotte, NC Area

      Sunday, October 14th - Holmdel, NJ Area

      Sunday, October 21st - Seattle, WA Area

      Sunday, October 28th - Los Angeles, CA Area

      Sunday, November 18th - Dallas, TX Area

      Sunday, December 2nd - Atlanta, GA Area

      Sunday, December 9th - Chicago, IL Area

      Sunday, December 9th - Gilbert, AZ Area

      Sunday, January 13th - CA Prep Camp - Los Angeles, Ca Area

      Friday, January 18th - Vegas Friday Warm Up Session 

      Saturday/Sunday, January 19th - 20th - Vegas XXXIII


      *Sailer and Rubio will not be on site. Senior Instructors will lead the camp.

      For EXACT venues and locations, go to the REGISTRATION PAGE.



    • Kickers / Punters:

      Andrew David

      Long Snappers:

      Blake Ferguson

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    • Kickers / Punters:

      JK Scott

      Freeman Jones
      North Carolina

      Cameron Gamble

      Gary Wunderlich
      Ole Miss

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    • Kickers / Punters:

      Sean Covington 

      Jed Barnett 

      Diego Gonzalez

      Jimmy Hutchinson 

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    Awards • Chris Rubio Awards 2014
    2014 Chris Rubio Award Recipient:
    Blake Ferguson
    Ferguson looked very confident and consistent at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in GA. He is becoming like a machine. His misses are by inches and he is VERY consistent with the speed of the ball. He doesn't over-snap the ball and seems very focused on hitting the perfect spot with every snap. Like to see him put on a bit more weight, continue to keep his weight back and snap just one ball at a time. When one snap is done, it is done. Perfectionist. Beyond ready for the next level. 11/14 Ferguson looked absolutely dominant at the Rubio Long Snapping summer camp in GA. EASILY the best I have ever seen him look and I have seen him MANY times. He finally flipped the switch and it wasn't a matter of when he was going to win the competition, it was how soon until he is simply holding the champion shirt. He left no doubt with anyone watching his performance. 7/14

    Whatever you have read about Ferguson is true, plus more. He is really that good and is easily working towards great…if not the greatest. Incredible frame and form give him a massive upper hand against others. Now, he is fine-tuning his thinking and starting to gain more and more confidence, which is just not good at all for other Long Snappers. The more Ferguson knows he will dominate, the more he will dominate.

    Mentally, Ferguson is fully locking in and that is NOT good news for other Long Snappers around the country. If he continues on this path, he might not just be the best of his class but the best ever. It is up to him now. He is, EASILY, the best Long Snapper in the country.

    2014 Rubio Long Snapping Most Improved Award Recipients:
    Roen McCullough
    Roen is already a VERY solid Long Snapper and he showed me some great things at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in GA. He has the body of a junior in high school already and the form is the same. He is well beyond his years with form and strength. I need to see him smooth out the whole process of the snapping motion, lock down his spiral so the punter can catch the ball and believe in himself. Kid is good and he needs to know it. If he snaps the way I know he can, he should easily take the top spot at VEGAS XXV.

    Grant Miller
    Yet another good jump for Miller and well deserved. He had a very good day at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in GA. Kid is headed towards being absolutely monstrous (already wears a size 18 shoes). As fast as he is growing, his snapping form is improving just as quickly. Does an excellent job being a technician of Long Snapping. Like a sponge when he is listening to a person speak. Coachable is an understatement. Great job following through. Want to make sure he keeps doing slow motion drills and gets his long legs fully involved on each and every snap. Once his legs are involved, he will absolutely destroy his whole class because he will be playing with so much larger an engine. Good kid. Watch him.

    Jake Munoz
    Munoz was throwing absolute heat at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in GA. Kid is, EASILY, snapping at D1 speeds. One of those Long Snappers that is always improving and perfecting the art of Long Snapping. Body is solid and he is strong. The only issues I want to see him tackle at VEGAS XXV is him blocking after he snaps and locking down his spiral. As stated, ball is VERY fast but if there is no spiral it will be hard to catch. His hands are like rockets. Keep an eye on him at VEGAS XXV.

    Michael Poujol
    Poujol is flat out excellent. One of those Long Snappers that just gets better and better as the day progresses. Has D1 size and snaps a D1 ball right now. Smooth and powerful Long Snapper that catches a groove and is just dominant. The harder he snaps the ball, the better he does. Spiral is on lock down and he is dominant. Don't wait, offer him now. I have yet to see him not improve.

    2014 Rubio Long Snapping Best Social Media Award Recipient:
    Tyler Griffiths
    Tyler did VERY well at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in NC. He passes the eye ball test very quickly and just never stops improving. One of the rare Long Snappers that improves as the day goes on. VERY coachable and will make a great teammate. Form is very good. Follow through is solid and he uses his legs well. Love to see him really just let loose and let the ball fly. He can hit in the .6s and I want to see that every single time. Great kid.

    2014 Best Representative of Rubio Long Snapping Award Recipient:
    Koby Walsh
    Bacon Head did very well at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in TX. Snapping with more confidence and he is starting to let the ball just fly out of his hands. The more he can do that, the better he will be. Want to make sure he keeps his weight going back and not up then back. Tiny adjustment will help create more consistent speed which will move him up the rankings and get him locked in for TOP 12 which I know he is gunning for at VEGAS XXV. Excellent Long Snapper and person.

    Koby (Bacon Head) had a VERY good day at the Rubio Long Snapping fall camp in CA. He moves VERY well on his feet and is snapping the ball with a great deal of confidence. Ask him, at any point and no matter who he is with, who the best Long Snapper in the room is and he will always pick himself. LOVE IT. Working on speeding up his hands and making sure his release point is the same each snap will be huge for accuracy and consistency. Averaging right around mid .7s with his punt snaps. Great attitude and darn near flawless when he gets set. 10/14