Rubio Long Snapping. Relationships with every D1 college in the nation.
  • The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. You do NOT need to be invited to the camps listed below.

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    FALL 2017

    Sunday, October 8th - Holmdel, New Jersey

    Sunday, October 22nd - Seattle, Washington 

    Sunday, October 29th - Los Angeles, California

    Sunday, November 12th - Dallas, Texas 

    Sunday, November 19th - Charlotte, North Carolina 

    Sunday, December 3rd - Atlanta, Georgia 

    Sunday, December 11th - Phoenix, Arizona*

    Sunday, December 17th - Massillon, Ohio (Indoor Venue)

    Friday, January 12th, 2018 - Sunday, January 14th - VEGAS XXXI

    *Sailer and Rubio will not be on site. Senior Instructors, Carson Wiggs & John Finch will lead the camp.

    For EXACT venues and locations, go to the REGISTRATION PAGE.


    SPRING 2018

    Sunday, March 4th - Los Angeles, California

    Sunday, March 11th - Charlotte, North Carolina 

    Sunday, March 18th - Seattle, Washington  

    Sunday, March 25th - New Jersey*

    Sunday, March 25th - Phoenix, Arizona*

    Saturday, April 7th - Chicago, Illinois (Indoor Venue)

    Sunday, April 22nd - Atlanta, Georgia

    Sunday, April 29th - Dallas, Texas 

    Friday, May 11th, 2018 - Sunday, May 13th - VEGAS XXXII


    *Sailer and Rubio will not be on site. Senior Instructors will lead the camp.

    For EXACT venues and locations, go to the REGISTRATION PAGE.

  • Kickers / Punters:

    Andrew David

    Long Snappers:

    Blake Ferguson

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    JK Scott

    Freeman Jones
    North Carolina

    Cameron Gamble

    Gary Wunderlich
    Ole Miss

    MORE >

  • Kickers / Punters:

    Sean Covington 

    Jed Barnett 

    Diego Gonzalez

    Jimmy Hutchinson 

    MORE >

Awards • Chris Rubio Award Selection Committee
The Chris Rubio Award Selection Committee will vote for the winner. The panel will include: Chris Rubio, past and current NFL Long Snappers, past NCAA Long Snappers, past finalists for the Chris Rubio Award, and sports writers and columnists.

The Chris Rubio Award Selection Committee Members:

Justin Drescher – Four year starter at Colorado. Played for the New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals.

Christian Yount- Four year starter at UCLA. Two time, and only, Playboy All-American. Senior Bowl participant. First Long Snapper to be offered a scholarship his junior year. NFL Long Snapper with the Cleveland Browns

Corey Adams – Four year starter at Kansas St. All four years without a bad snap (almost 400). 2010 Lowes Award finalist for being a tremendous student-athlete on and off the field.

Nolan Frese - Four year starter at the University of Houston. Seattle Seahawks Long Snapper for the 2016 season.
Kameron Canaday - Four years starter at the Portland State. Current Long Snapper for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Aaron Brewer - Four year starter at San Diego State. Long Snapper for the Denver Broncos for five years and currently with the Arizona Cardinals.
Rick Lovato - Four year starter at Old Dominion. Current Long Snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kevin Gold – Kevin Gold is an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor and creator of the award-winning Web site, dedicated to football long snapping. was founded in 2000 and, in April 2009, converted to its current blog format. Mr. Gold has negotiated in excess of 50 NFL player contracts.

Brandon Huffman – Brandon is the National College Football Recruting Editor for 247 Sports and co-founder of Avery Strong.

Randy Taylor – Randy is a Recruiting Analyst and has been involved with college football for 35 years.
John Finch - Purdue alum. Senior Rubio Long Snapping staff member. Heads up the Rubio Long Snapping Virtual Lessons.

Greg Biggins – National Recruiting Analyst for 247 Sports.
Carson Tinker - National Champion with Alabama and NFL Long Snapper with the Jacksonville Jaguars
Scott Daly - 1st Chris Rubio Award Winner. Played for Notre Dame. Current NFL Free Agent
Cole Mazza - 2nd Chris Rubio Award Winner. Played for Alabama. Current NFL Free Agent.

· Each year the winner of the Chris Rubio Award will be added to the Award Selection Committee once they graduate from college.