Rubio Long Snapping. Relationships with every D1 college in the nation.
    • The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. You do NOT need to be invited to the camps listed below.

      To register for a Rubio Long Snapping camp, please go HERE

      All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.


      SPRING 2018

      Sunday, March 4th - Los Angeles, California

      Sunday, March 11th - Charlotte, North Carolina 

      Sunday, March 18th - Seattle, Washington  

      Sunday, March 25th - Phoenix, Arizona*

      Saturday, April 7th - Chicago, Illinois (Indoor Venue)

      Sunday, April 22nd - Atlanta, Georgia

      Sunday, April 29th - Dallas, Texas 

      Sunday, April 29th - New Jersey*

      Friday, May 11th, 2018 - Sunday, May 13th - VEGAS XXXII


      SUMMER 2018

      Los Angeles, California
      Thursday, June 28th

      Charlotte, North Carolina
      Saturday, June 30th

      Atlanta, Georgia 
      Sunday, July 1st

      Chicago, Illinois (Indoor Venue)
      Monday, July 9th

      Rock Hill, SC - FBU TOP GUN**
      Wednesday, July 11th - Thursday, July 12th

      College Camp - Los Angeles, CA
      Saturday, July 14th - Sunday, July 15th

      TOP 12 CAMP (Invite Only) - Los Angeles, CA
      Monday, July 16th - Wednesday, July 18th

      Underclassmen Invitational (Invite Only) - Los Angeles, CA 
      Thursday, July 19th - Friday, July 20th

      Dallas, Texas
      Sunday, July 22nd


      For EXACT venues and locations, go to the REGISTRATION PAGE.

      *Sailer adn Rubio wil not be on site. Senior Instructors will lead the camp.

      **FBU TOP GUN Registration is done through FBU directly. 


    • Kickers / Punters:

      Andrew David

      Long Snappers:

      Blake Ferguson

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    • Kickers / Punters:

      JK Scott

      Freeman Jones
      North Carolina

      Cameron Gamble

      Gary Wunderlich
      Ole Miss

      MORE >

    • Kickers / Punters:

      Sean Covington 

      Jed Barnett 

      Diego Gonzalez

      Jimmy Hutchinson 

      MORE >

    Awards • Chris Rubio Award Qualifications

    What is the Award?
    The Award will be presented on an annual basis to the best national high school Long Snapper for that given season.

    Who Is Eligible?
    Every athlete that plays high school football at the varsity level, regardless of state division, or age. You DO NOT have to attend a Rubio Long Snapping / Chris Sailer Kicking camp to win this award.

    How Do You Win?
    You will have to be the starter for your high school varsity team. You must not have more than one bad snap all season (snap that gets by the punter or the holder). You must do both punt and p.a.t. snaps. If you have to snap and block for your team, that is looked at in higher regard. The amount of tackles is taken into consideration with the voting. You must have started in 80% of the current year’s games for your varsity team. A Long Snapper’s physical size is NOT taken into consideration in the voting. Other positions played are NOT taken into consideration for voting. You may be viewed by Chris Rubio in person, send in film, have a high school head coach’s recommendation, college special team’s coach recommendation or sports writer’s recommendation to be considered eligible. A panel of voters assembled by the Chris Rubio selection committee will vote for the winner.

    How Does the Voting Take Place?
    A panel of voters assembled by the Chris Rubio selection committee will be voting. The panel will include: Chris Rubio, past and current NFL Long Snappers, past and current NCAA Long Snappers, past finalists for the Chris Rubio Award, and Sports writers and columnists.

    August: A Watch List of 15 Long Snappers will be announced each year before the high school football season begins. The players on the Watch List were selected based on statistics from the previous season and upcoming season expectations. The eventual winner does NOT have to be on the Watch List to win the awards.

    November: Ten Semi-Finalists are announced. The Semi-Finalists will be determined by committee selection.

    December: The Three Finalists are announced. The Finalists will be determined by total votes. 3 points (1st Place Vote), 2 points (2nd Place Vote), 1 Point (3rd Place Vote). In the case of a tie, Chris Rubio will break the tie with his vote.

    January : The winner will be announced at the Herbalife Banquet Hall at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. The winner will be determined by total votes. 3 points (1st Place Vote), 2 points (2nd Place Vote), 1 Point (3rd Place Vote). In the case of a tie, Chris Rubio will break the tie with his vote.

    Submit your season total stats (total snaps) each week to Chris Rubio by emailing them to [email protected] Please submit the following:

    Total Number of Punts:
    Total Number of P.A.T’s:
    Total Number of tackles:
    Misc (fumble recovery, etc):

    Please note: You may create a highlight tape for the judges but it cannot exceed one minute in length.

    · All statistics will have to be verified by your high school head coach before you can be announced as a Finalist.

    Also visit and join the National High School Awards Facebook Group Page to post stats, share stories, and see what your competition is doing. This will be an open social media forum to state your claim as to why you deserve to be the next Chris Rubio National High School Long Snapper of the Year.