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    Finn Qualls • Class of 2023 • Long Snappers
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    Finn Qualls
    Name: Finn Qualls
    Player Ranking:
    Class Rank: 22
    Grad Year: 2023
    State: SC
    Offers & Commitment:(NEW) ST. OLAF
    Pro Team:
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 250
    Student Since: 2021
    Last Evaluation: November, 2022
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    Player Review

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    Finn Qualls was extremely solid at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in North Carolina on November 13th, 2022. First off, Finn can pass an eyeball test from 100 yards away. Thick, strong and powerful Long Snapper with a tremendous attitude and one of the smoothest snaps in his class. Finn’s starting form is gorgeous and his upper body is an absolute rocket getting back to the punter. Finn gets set and just drives the ball back to the punter. He is so darn strong that it almost looks like he is snapping at 50% speed and he is already at college level. Whichever coach gets Finn, is going to be very happy with him on and off the field. Flat out stud and one to watch at VEGAS XLI in January and beyond

    Finn looked great at the Rubio Long Snapping TOP 12 Camp on Jul 12-14, 2022. One of the strongest Long Snappers in his class, Finn makes everything look effortless on the field. Upper body gets through very well to the punter and his snaps are really smooth back to the punter. It is great to watch Finn snap the ball because it looks like he isn't even doing a thing and then the ball just explodes back to the punter. He is able to snap and block plus Finn moves really well on his feet. Finn has all of the tools to being snapping a ball for a long time and he is going to make his college coach very happy for choosing him. 

    Finn was impressive at the Rubio Long Snapping  VEGAS XL Event on May 14-15, 2022.  He has a tremendous frame and can easily pass an eyeball heat from a college coach. Fin is built very well. He has a tremendous amount of power and there is very little wasted movement within his snapping motion. Utilizing his power and snapping with full power is going to be the key to Fin dominating at The TOP 12 Camp 


    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) is a scoring process developed by Rubio Long Snapping that weighs the average speed of the snap along with points for accuracy on the Rubio Target. Bonus points are awarded for a superior range of snap times.

    2022 NC Fall Camp RSI:

    VEGAS XL RSI: 17.91
    VEGAS XL 40 Time: 5.12
    VEGAS XL Snap Speed: .67

    2021 NC Fall Camp RSI:

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