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    Jacob Mueller • Class of 2017 • Long Snappers
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    Jacob Mueller
    Name: Jacob Mueller
    Player Ranking:
    Grad Year: 2017
    State: IL
    Offers & Commitment:(NEW) ST. NORBERT
    Pro Team:
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 170
    Student Since: 2014
    Last Evaluation: 11/15
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    Player Review
    Mueller is a Long Snapper that is absolutely dripping with potential. He is not a giant, yet, but he is built very long with a frame that can hold good weight over the next couple of years. Hovers in the low .8s for punt snaps and will easily be able to get into the .7s with more size and trusting his good form. Does a solid job of using his whole body when he snaps the ball and he needs to trust his form enough to just let the ball fly out of his hands. VERY good potential. Moves well on his feet. I like his attitude.

    Mueller had a good day at the Rubio Long Snapping summer camp in IL. Built VERY long with room to put on a ton of weight in the next couple of years. Potential is off the charts if he works hard and smart. Need to see him lean back a bit more and focus on going back first. Also, love him to make sure his spiral is tight. Lay down drill will help a good amount with that aspect of his snapping.

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