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    Joseph Santora • Class of 2020 • Long Snappers
    FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
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    Joseph Santora
    Name: Joseph Santora
    Player Ranking:
    Grad Year: 2020
    State: NJ
    Offers & Commitment:(NEW) UNDECIDED
    Pro Team:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 240
    Student Since: 2018
    Last Evaluation: 3/19
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    Player Review

    Joseph is another snapper from the North East who continues to make large improvements camp after camp. He is starting to mature both physically and with his snapping ability/form. During the speed competition his ball was hitting mid to low .8s with consistent accuracy and spiral. His biggest challenge will be developing consistency to where this is the norm snap after snap; there were times during the day where the ball got away form him a little bit with regards to accuracy and speed. Would love to see him follow through more with his upper body, but everything else in his form is very well rounded. Can’t wait to see his continued improvement at a Fall camp! 

    Joe had a great week leading up to the Rubio Long Snapping regional camp in NJ on March 24, 2019 and even better performance at the camp. Prior to Sunday he had a virtual lesson to get some last minute tune ups in, and he took that coaching and feedback and applied it to his snapping at the camp. Very capable Long Snapper who, when he focuses on getting his eyes through and not popping up, can snap with the best in his class. 


    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) is a scoring process developed by Rubio Long Snapping that weighs the average speed of the snap along with points for accuracy on the Rubio Target. Bonus points are awarded for a superior range of snap times.

    2019 NJ Summer Camp RSI: 3.23

    2019 NJ Spring Camp RSI: 6.32

    2018 NJ Fall Camp RSI: 3.09

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